Amber Guyger is the biggest piece of shit racist EVER.

Her racism towards black men has known no boundaries. She is a murdering cracker. If you want sources of her murder charges… here it is:

She was charged with manslaughter. She was convicted of murder in the second degree. She should have been convicted of open murder minimum. If this was a black woman that was convicted of this crime let alone a black man… it would have been a murder one conviction and a lifetime sentence in state prison.

Guyger got off way too easily for her wicked transgressions.–abc-news-topstories.html.

Ten years in prison for what should have been an open murder conviction is what Amber Guyger got.  That was a weak ass sentence… especially for a racially motivated murder.

Here is the moral of this story: Black men still would fuck racist women like Amber Guyger even though women like her hate black men’s guts. Even worse… black men like Verbs would marry white supremacist crackers like Guyger. And even worse… black men have defended this racist piece of shit… let alone the black men that worked with Guyger on the Dallas Poilice Department.

This proves that black men do not have to be crusty negroes to be gunned down. Botham Jean was a stand-up educated black man and he still got shot down in racially motivated cold blood.

I said it the way I meant it and I meant it the way I said it.

This is Dangerous Dan and I approve this message.

Paris Milan tells the truth on her videos.

Paris Milan is a YouTube artist. She pontificates on the truth about how black women are unprotected in the black community. She also tells the sordid truth on how evil white women are in nature.

Here are some of her videos:



She is not afraid to go in on black men that coon and simp for non-black women. Everyone in the black community need to go in on coons and simps in the black community.

Now… there are a lot of angry black women that are fans of her videos… but the way I see it… black men need to step up. There is a reason why a lot of black women are angry. The main reason is that black men… as a group… have failed miserably in doing anything for black women. Where are the black owned businesses? Where are the skilled workers in the black community? Sure… you see one or two… but black men by large… have failed miserably in being men.

Now… her commentary on black actors swirling with non-black women and the black actor’s audience is mostly black is on point. She said that black men do not have to overtly disrespect black women to not value black women. That is obvious to a Kindergartner let alone anyone that is sane.


Paris Milan viewed Michael B Jordan negatively and RIGHTFULLY so. MBJ has a majority black female fanbase… but has NEVER had as to much ONE black woman in his social circle. That is dead wrong on MBJ’s part. But I will roast MBJ on another blog.

Anyone that think black women have no right to feel negative about black men excluding black women from their social circles is wrong. Black men owe their lives to black women as far as I am concerned and FAR too many are unwilling to give that respect to black women and that needs to change.

The difference between child abuse and good old-fashioned righteous discipline


The 24 things every black mother said is a blueprint for discipline. Kids will understand the real world when they step out into it as grownups. I cannot for the life of me why any parent would be afraid to tell the deal to kids on what kids own.

I would and will let a kid know in a New York second a kid doesn’t own anything in the world. When they have kids… they will understand.

The reason why the black community is going to hell is not getting the belt on the backside. It is the lack of respect and subordination by those that are lower than the other. It is the knuckleheads that reject discipline and believe that they are something special when they aren’t.

Parents aren’t supposed to be friends and punishments aren’t supposed to be fun… but knuckleheads think they can do what they want and nothing bad will happen.


You don’t get to talk to your parents any old kind of way.

You mind your own business.

You don’t roll your eyes at your parents.

You will do as your parents said.

You aren’t going to win any cool points being disobedient.


It ain’t just black mothers that say these phrases. Black fathers uses that no chill disciplinary phrases to keep kids in line with the steroids. White mothers say these phrases as well. White fathers use the same no-chill discipline. I have even heard Hispanic fathers use these same codes.

This is discipline:


This is a 16 year old righteously getting her ass whupped for cutting out of line. You will get no sympathy from me. Last I checked… as long as you are in your parent’s house and eating their food… you are subject to the rules of the house or else you suffer whatever consequence there is.


Now this is child abuse:

Locking up 13 children for no fucking good reason in foul conditions and no food is abuse and I would literally hunt down and kill these parents if I was living anywhere near California. That was foul. That is child abuse. You don’t ever fucking lock up your child in foul conditions with no food.

That here is a fine line between child abuse and good old-fashioned righteous discipline.

Too many black people… especially too many black men NEVER learn

Too many black men are in the sunken place. Way too many. I won’t count every black man that promoted interracialism and got their negro wake up call. There are too many black men that practiced interracialism and got their nigga moment for me to count.

However… I will give you several examples:

  1. OJ Simpson- You heard a lot about his murder case back in the mid 1990’s. No further example needed.
  2. Tiger Woods- Look at a few articles and tell me that black men are winning going away from black women. Tiger Woods lost 110 million dollars to that cracker ass bitch Elin Nordigen.
  3. Randy Jackson- His ex-wife Erika Jackson… who is another cracker ass bitch… let his black ass know she wasn’t that into his black ass.
  4. Van Jones- Jana Carter… another cracker… wasn’t that into his black ass. divorce/. .

Black women… while I understand why they would swirl… because honestly… too many black men have haughtily thumbed their noses at black women for 50 years running… you are not innocent victims. You are as bad as black men and just as immoral. I have a bedwench of a black woman to show you as well.

Aisha Tyler- Black women… again… you are JUST as guilty as black men. Black women… YOU as well as black men… need to humble yourselves and stop this gender war bullshit. It’s bullshit. Tyler got her nigga moment along with several black men

More examples of black men failing at swirl mountain:

Now… I have two more examples of black men getting their negro wake up call.

Verbs of Slaying Evil and Negro Wars will try to explain how black men would be better off building their lives with any woman that is not black rather than with black women. However… Verbs is dishonest intellectually and is a fraud. His sycophants are dumb as fuck.

However… most black men will never get the message on how women of every race view you globally. Black men had black women until they traded that for some pie in the sky pipe dream bullshit of “We Are the World”.

Black women are guilty as well. Some black women along with most black men will never get the message of how non-blacks view blacks as a whole. Black women are viewed the second lowest of all groups… only higher than black men on the totem pole.

White women played black women. White men played black women. White women  by and large rebuffed black men as did women of other ethnic groups that were not black women. But black men failed to get the message then and are still failing to get the message now. The SYSBM group is failing to understand that non-black women don’t want black men like that. Never did. MGTOW’s fooled a lot of black men… but black men got their nigga moment with everyone. Nobody cares if you are an IT professional or a crusty bum who’d rather play video games and drink beer living off of someone as long as you are black. Larsa Pippen’s parents are immigrants… she’s American. African Americans were born in America and are still viewed as niggers in their own home country.

The days that black men demand respect from black women and not lift a finger in return are OVER

Accept it. No more are black women are tolerating black men using them and not lifting a finger to support black women.

Black men… you did it to yourself. You sold your birth right to the white man for bread and pottage and the pathetic part about it is that you did not even get that in return.

Your lust for white pussy drove you black men weak and caused you to run over and disrespect the only women that had your black ass back.

White women might have obliged to giving black men some play back in the 70’s… but by the 80’s… they turned the tables on your black ass. The pathetic part of this is black men never had the white woman’s loyalty. The white woman played the black man and in the 90’s after white women no longer had any use for black men by and large… black men since then… used beatings and fear to intimidate black women into submission. By that time… black women had no incentive to respect let alone take a black man seriously. However… they still didn’t dare go outside their race until recently because of the intimidation tactics and that worked for a while… but black women started to outgrow any fear they had with the me too movement.

Black men… wake the fuck up and smell the coffee. Tighten up your game. White men build for their white women and white women have been the face of the me too movement. Hispanic men have been turning out mechanics and house builders. They are also loyal to their people. They definitely are building their own economy. Asian men are perfecting academics with STEM and entrepreneurship as evidenced by the hair shops and nail salons they own. Black men… we will be largely useless in a decade if we do not tighten up.

The deadbeat dad epidemic is in fact REAL in the black community

How do black men explain the 72 percent of children being born out of wedlock? How can black men deflect the idea that far too many black men are deadbeat fathers?

I have some facts:

The illegitimate child rate in the black community is nigh 75 percent.

Politifact confirmed the truth on the illegitimacy rate of the black community right here.

Verbs and his SYSBM sycophants deflect the faultiness of the black man on Slaying evil when this shit is pointed out.

However… the facts are in the sources. 75 percent of black fathers might not be deadbeat… but too many are and odds are that too many black men are not committal in their relationships. We have to change that if we want respect from black women.

If not… black women will continue to leave black men for white men and non-black men.

Stephon Clarke was a motherfucking coon.

Stephon Clarke paraded his anti-black ways around facebook and twitter. Chris Miller exposed this Uncle Tom on his YouTube Channel.




I say Clarke got his ultimate nigga moment when these cracker ass police killed his ass. It brings me ZERO delight to see another black man die at the hands of these race soldiers. However… this needs to be a teaching moment for all black men that practice interracialism. WATCH the FUCK out. These foreign women… just like white women… do not give a rat’s shit about your black ass. That Asian bitch he was married to is also a fucking racist. Jason Reid told the fucking truth.

However… Verbs and his sycophantic entourage on Slaying Evil bashed black women and supported that chink that put down black women for not readily supporting this off-code clown.


What Code Bruh?

SYSBM’s are swirlers just like black women swirlers. Do NOT let these Uncle Toms fool you.

Jason Reid is not a SYSBM at all nor are any of the Jason Black supporters and now the Uncle Tom SYSBM’s are going after one of Jason Black’s men. I am not going to stand for it. I’m going in on these coons.

Who created Black Lives Matter? A Rhetorical question. BLACK WOMEN.

Black women created Black Lives Matter. They did this in defense of black men. White women aren’t marching for black men. They are co-conspiring with the race soldiers that are out to kill black men. Even if they aren’t… most of the time… they see a walking cock when they see black men. Asian women aren’t marching for black men either. Asian women hate black men with a passion.  Black women are the ones marching for black men. However… black men remain ungrateful.

We as black men need to show a lot more gratitude to our women. Namely our American black men. Black African men would never down black women like we black American men do far too often. Look at what we do to our mothers and sisters when we down black women. That needs to stop. Time out for bashing black women. Time in for appreciating black women.

We need to show black women we have their backs. We need to start having more pride in our race and community. We as a group need to stop being dusty and get jobs and be productive and start building and start going to college and trade school and major in marketable degrees and learn some employable skills. Too many of us black men have for far too long thought we were owed a living and the pick of the litter without putting in anything. We need to stop chasing white and foreign women. Most of them hate us with a passion. Sure… there are exceptions… but they are not the rule. We need to certainly stop being conditioned by the white media on the standard of beauty.


Alphas get the best. Betas get the rest.

An alpha male is a leader. A real leader. They build. They don’t complain that they are getting a raw deal.

Truth is that white men and Asian men… most of them are racist… but they are alphas… so they get the best.

There are some black men that have mastered the alpha game however. They are the men that learned fundamentals on the real world… they also have the looks and they package themselves well and they are also unpredictable.

They are not the Pookies and the Ray Rays or the SYSBM’s.

The Pookies and the Ray Rays get the better women than the SYSBM’s because they at least know their role. They don’t have what it takes to succeed and black women know this. However… the pookies and the Ray Rays are too much in love with their position to offer the SYSBM group any help. The Ray Rays know how to package themselves

Black women also know that SYSBM’s don’t build anything either. However… the SYSBM’s think they should be rewarded for doing the basest of work. The SYSBM’s lack the discipline or the character to impress black women. Some of them… if not a fair amount of them lack the looks as well to impress black women. They are the betas that need to be happy they got anything at all.

Like I said… the alphas get the best… the loser betas get the rest.


The several black women that are overlooked and undervalued… but could be a good catch for black men

Black men complain that 95% of black women are undateable. That is the LIE of the millennium.

The black men that buy into this lie are complaining that their dream girl is out of their reach.

You can’t expect to get a young version of Beyonce or a Halle Berry that is unnotched looking like a Rerun or a Steve Urkel.

However… there are studious black women that study to the highest degree that could be good catches for black men… black men just don’t go after them. Black men tend to go after the cheerleader and video vixen type. I would investigate the book smart black woman.  They are the most undervalued black women in the dating pool.

There are several other undervalued black women in the dating pool that black men should investigate.

Baby Mamas can be just as eligible as the single woman with no kids and the older a man gets… the more likely you will meet a single woman that has kids. Baby mamas are way undervalued and overlooked. Sometimes… their previous marriages didn’t work out. Sometimes… the man did not give her a fair shake… which is all too common with black women. Black women never get fair shakes in the dating world. Too many black men don’t get the memo because they don’t know they are in a position of deficit and thus they stay lonely.  Black baby mamas can be good catches for black men depending on the situation of that black woman.

The full figure black girls are often overlooked as well. They aren’t all poor hygiene… unwilling to exercise… tatted up and full of attitude like Verbs will sensationalize in his rag so called “Slaying Evil”. Sometimes… a full figured girl exercises and diets more than the average person and still can’t get lower than a size 14… but her body isn’t exactly bad looking like some ignorant men will say.  The full figure black woman might not be a supermodel type… but she can make love to you like one and she can cook and she could offer you just as much as the girl you are chasing.

The tall women are also undervalued. There are a lot of short guys in the black community that are intimidated by tall black women.

Girls with a messy house. Busy work schedules tend to have that at times. Sometimes… a black woman has a messy house. That does not mean that black men should be instantly turned off. I… as a black man… would help clean up the house. That will show her she has a responsible man and she will appreciate that man for it.

Women that cannot cook are also undervalued. The worst move a black man could make is to be put off by a black woman’s inability to cook. A black man being put off by a black woman’s inability to cook is an immature black man with mother issues. I would grab a cookbook and make a meal with her and see if she is willing to learn how to cook.

The plain Jane black woman is DEFINITELY undervalued. She might not be a supermodel type most black men shoot for… but she can be cute. She might not wake up a black man’s rocket on first sight… but she might be a good catch for that black man if he expanded his horizons. Furthermore… she is that studious black woman I talked about and she just might be the most complete woman a black man will meet. I would start going into Starbucks and meet that type of woman any time of the day.

Black men do have options inside their race… something that Verbs and his sycophants at so called “Slaying Evil” do not want to see or want black men to see. That would be a big ass affront to their false misogynoir message.

I named six or seven options for black men that they should investigate.

This is Dangerous Dan and I approve this message.