The several black women that are overlooked and undervalued… but could be a good catch for black men

Black men complain that 95% of black women are undateable. That is the LIE of the millennium.

The black men that buy into this lie are complaining that their dream girl is out of their reach.

You can’t expect to get a young version of Beyonce or a Halle Berry that is unnotched looking like a Rerun or a Steve Urkel.

However… there are studious black women that study to the highest degree that could be good catches for black men… black men just don’t go after them. Black men tend to go after the cheerleader and video vixen type. I would investigate the book smart black woman.  They are the most undervalued black women in the dating pool.

There are several other undervalued black women in the dating pool that black men should investigate.

Baby Mamas can be just as eligible as the single woman with no kids and the older a man gets… the more likely you will meet a single woman that has kids. Baby mamas are way undervalued and overlooked. Sometimes… their previous marriages didn’t work out. Sometimes… the man did not give her a fair shake… which is all too common with black women. Black women never get fair shakes in the dating world. Too many black men don’t get the memo because they don’t know they are in a position of deficit and thus they stay lonely.  Black baby mamas can be good catches for black men depending on the situation of that black woman.

The full figure black girls are often overlooked as well. They aren’t all poor hygiene… unwilling to exercise… tatted up and full of attitude like Verbs will sensationalize in his rag so called “Slaying Evil”. Sometimes… a full figured girl exercises and diets more than the average person and still can’t get lower than a size 14… but her body isn’t exactly bad looking like some ignorant men will say.  The full figure black woman might not be a supermodel type… but she can make love to you like one and she can cook and she could offer you just as much as the girl you are chasing.

The tall women are also undervalued. There are a lot of short guys in the black community that are intimidated by tall black women.

Girls with a messy house. Busy work schedules tend to have that at times. Sometimes… a black woman has a messy house. That does not mean that black men should be instantly turned off. I… as a black man… would help clean up the house. That will show her she has a responsible man and she will appreciate that man for it.

Women that cannot cook are also undervalued. The worst move a black man could make is to be put off by a black woman’s inability to cook. A black man being put off by a black woman’s inability to cook is an immature black man with mother issues. I would grab a cookbook and make a meal with her and see if she is willing to learn how to cook.

The plain Jane black woman is DEFINITELY undervalued. She might not be a supermodel type most black men shoot for… but she can be cute. She might not wake up a black man’s rocket on first sight… but she might be a good catch for that black man if he expanded his horizons. Furthermore… she is that studious black woman I talked about and she just might be the most complete woman a black man will meet. I would start going into Starbucks and meet that type of woman any time of the day.

Black men do have options inside their race… something that Verbs and his sycophants at so called “Slaying Evil” do not want to see or want black men to see. That would be a big ass affront to their false misogynoir message.

I named six or seven options for black men that they should investigate.

This is Dangerous Dan and I approve this message.

5 thoughts on “The several black women that are overlooked and undervalued… but could be a good catch for black men

  1. Dude, this is straight up garbage. You’re arguing points are very weak and center around a bunch of personal narratives and very little reasonable points. I could point out several reasons why this article is bullshit.

    1) “Baby mammas” argument

    For, one, as someone who was raised primarily by my mom, I can tell you from firsthand experience. IT SUCKS. And this is coming from someone who actually had a pretty good mom overall. Plus, Niggas have been trying to “settle” for single moms for the longest. The problem that we overlook, of course, is that MOST OF THESE WOMEN TAKE THESE MEN’S SYMPATHY FOR GRANTED. These women, instead of looking at having a man despite being a single mom as catching a lucky break, they look at it as if that’s what they’re “supposed” to do. Most “Black” (Amerindian) single moms became so BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO; same thing as to the reason why so many “Black” women get abortions.

    Plus, there is empirical evidence suggesting that there are significant more bad “black” moms than bad “black” dads:

    I could see if you were referring to women who were “baby mammas” but with stable co-parenting relationships with the child’s father. But outside of that, it’s bullshit.

    2) “Studious ‘Black’ woman” argument

    Several problems with this assertion:

    – Most of these women aren’t checking for their “black” male counterparts in the aggregate. They are either too focused on their studies, only checking for the most handsome/high-status/popular/heavy womanizing Brothas, or not dating Brothas at all.

    – Most of these women major in B.S., and then on top of it, get hampered with loads of debt. As of this year, the average net worth of a college educated “Black” woman is approximately -$11,000 (see link above).

    – Some of these women are every bit as dysfunctional as their “ghetto” female counterparts.

    – Most of these women see education as a STATUS SYMBOL and not a tool to increase their earning power, which is why they brag about “education”, despite being in debt and most likely majoring in a non-stem related field.

    3) “Steve Urkel” argument

    The vast majority of “black” men, let alone the “educated lames” (read: classic men), DO NOT LOOK NOR SOUND LIKE STEVE URKEL, EVEN IF THEY WEAR GLASSES. Majority of Brothas are any combination of lanky, fat, muscular, or medium built, regardless of their height. Please stop using him as some sort of referencing point.The closest you’ll get to a “Steve Urkel” type are plainly-dressed/under-dressed avid “black” anime/video game/comic book fans.

    4) “Full-figured” ‘Black’ women argument

    Let’s be honest, you’re referring to fat “black” women. And yes, depending on where the weight is at in their bodies, their hygiene, and how kind they are, they can still get dick. Let’s stop the goddamn coddling. BROTHAS WANT WOMEN WITH PHAT ASSES, NOT WOMEN WHO ARE FAT ASSES. I’m saying this as a fat guy myself.

    (As a sidenote, the biggest reason behind “Black” female obesity is their addiction to processed food and sedentary lifestyles post-high school. Freshman 15, anyone?)

    5) “Black” women that are messy” argument

    It can be dismissed, unless she’s living like an absolute slob.

    6) “Black” women that don’t cook” argument

    No, a Brotha is not being “immature” if he doesn’t want a woman that can’t cook, especially if he wants a woman to have children with. Part of the duties of being a mom is knowing the value of proper nutrition/nourishment. As a guy that can cook, there are ZERO excuses as to why a “black” woman should not at least be willing to learn how to cook.

    7) “Black” female Plain Jain” argument

    First off, most “black” women aren’t plain Janes; most are either securely above or below average looking. In the 18-30 age bracket, on a scale of 1-10, you could estimate that you have three that are between 8-10, two that are 6-7.7, one that’s between 5-6, three that are between 4-5, and one that’s just flat out fugly. Most “Back” women (like, 70%-75%) could easily rate 6.8 and above on the beauty scale, the problem is that most don’t take care of themselves, so when they hit 30 and above, 80% of them slide down 2.5 points on the beauty scale (especially due to obesity)

    Second of all, once again, her sex appeal would be determined by how clean and kind she is.

    Thirdly, once again, it has been shown that “black” women in general (especially the educated or ratchet ones) focus far to much on a man’s looks:

    So why don’t we tell them to “lower” their standards (read: get the fuck out of la-la land)?

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  2. So, due to the pressure of constantly looking like a hypocrite you’ve finally decided to write your first article attempting to uplift the reprobate black sisterhood. Black baby mommas, fat black women, black women who can’t cook, messy black women, plain Jane black women etc are options within black female society that thinking black men are overlooking, really bruh???

    What makes me laugh is despite this expansive list of “options” you’ve given, you yourself are still single. See, all of the above types of black women you’ve mentioned have one thing in common, THEY HATE SIMPS LIKE YOU, this is why despite you lowering your standards in order to accommodate such gutter, low grade trash, these same black females by and large will never give you the time of day.

    This is the beauty of SYSBM, there is no need to compromise one’s standards as top quality women easily be garnered without any of the shortcomings. You are doing yourself a great disservice by limiting yourself to the modern day black female, especially seeing as black women don’t like black men anyway. Read the Gospel Of Tyrone on my website and do yourself a favour instead of constantly looking like a knob.

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